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Did God Create From Nothing?

Closer to Truth interviews William Lane Craig

Time : 00:09:38

Robert Lawrence Kuhn (host of PBS' "Closer to Truth") asks William Lane Craig how God created from nothing. Questions explored: What is meant by God creating from nothing? What did Aristotle mean by efficient causes and material causes? What is metaphysical dualism? What is the initial singularity? Has Christianity always held to the idea of creation out of nothing? What are the two basic views theologians hold to about creation out of nothing? What are the steady state models, oscillating models, vacuum fluctuation models, chaotic inflationary models, quantum gravity models, ekpyrotic models, and cyclic models of the universe? Have these theories been falsified? Is the prevailing thought from contemporary scientists is that the universe is not eternal in the past? What is brain cosmology and string theory? What is the Vilenkin Borde Guth Model?