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05 / 06

Part Human, Part Monkey

Recent Experiments on Human-monkey Embryonic Hybrids Are a Cause for Concern.


Questions on Nothingness, Free Will, and Miracles

Dr Craig answers questions on the definition of 'nothing', whether God can take away our free will, and the nature of Christ's miracles.

Can Apologetics Flourish After Scandal?

Dr. Craig Comments on a Christianity Today Article on the State of Apologetics After a Recent Scandal.

Q&A on Meaning, Certainty, and the Problem of Pain

Dr. Craig receives questions on objective meaning, his certainty of God's existence, and some thoughts on the Problem of Pain.

Dr. Craig's work impacts the next generation

Dr. Craig's work impacts the next generation.

An Objection to the Witness of the Holy Spirit

An objection to the inner witness of the Holy Spirit is discussed.

Doubting Thomas and Divine Hiddenness

An Atheist Blogger Asks Why We Don't All Get The Same Evidence That Doubting Thomas Got.

The Best Moral Argument

Kevin previews some upcoming podcasts and plays excerpts from Dr. Craig and Dr. David Baggett on the best Moral Argument for God.

What Really Happened on Palm Sunday?

Dr. Craig speaks to a congregation on the historical events that lead up to Easter and the profound meaning in what happened.

Questions on Solipsism, Logic, and the Name of God

Interesting questions on atheism and solipsism, God and logic, and the name of God.

Questions on the Trinity, Neanderthals, and Gravity

Listeners have questions on the nature of the Trinity, Neanderthals and genetics, and the complexities of gravity.