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05 / 06

Questions on Graham Oppy, The Atonement, and Debate Technique

Listeners ask about atheist philosopher Graham Oppy, the Atonement, and why debates are important.


The Rise of Antinatalism

Dr. Craig comments on a philosophy that urges people not to have children so that humanity will become extinct.

Gen Z Atheism

Dr. Craig examines a claim that atheism is increasing in Gen Z.

Counter Apologist Changes Tactics

An atheist blogger says he'll now attack Christianity at the weakest point. Dr. Craig is not impressed!

Has Bart Ehrman Changed His Mind?

Dr. Bart Ehrman recently wrote about a revelatory moment about God.

Church Asks Elderly Members to Leave

Dr. Craig is astonished by a report of a church asking elderly members to leave.

Prayer for the Resurrection of a Child

A popular church prayed that a deceased child would come back to life. Dr. Craig offers insight on the prayer that went viral.

A Tribute to Phillip Johnson

Dr. Craig reflects on the life of Phillip Johnson and his contributions to the Intelligent Design movement.

Josh Swamidass in Christianity Today

Dr. Craig interacts with Christianity Today's interview with Josh Swamidass and the research on the historical Adam and Eve.

Godless Mom Ponders Something From Nothing

An atheist mom blogs about how something can come from nothing.

Josh Swamidass on Adam and Eve - PART 2

 Dr. Swamidass discusses his recent  book on the historical Adam and Eve.