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The Doctrine of Creation from Nothing (Part Two)


What's Up at Reasonable Faith?

A look behind the scenes at Dr. Craig's recent travels and his very controversial new focus of study!

What Was That Argument Again?

The central argument from Richard Dawkins' book The God Delusion continues to influence pop culture. Dr. Craig shows again why it is very wrong!

Debate Highlights from Liverpool

Interesting moments from the Q&A portion of a debate between Dr. Craig and Dr. Mike Begon.

Philosophical Objections to the Atonement

Dr. Craig examines some philosophical objections that have been presented against The Atonement of Christ.

Is The Penal Substitution of Christ Unjust?

Dr. Craig addresses the alleged injustice of the penal substitution of Christ.

Questions on the Physicality of Heaven, Necessary Beings, and the Arrow of Time

Great questions sent to Dr. Craig from all over the world!

Questions About Non-Christian Miracles and Persons of the Trinity

Dr. Craig receives questions about miracle claims in other religions, and the nature of the Persons of the Trinity

When Bill Met Jan

Many want to know how Dr. Craig and Jan met. Here's the story!​

Richard Dawkins: The Cannibal?

An article examines Dawkins' view that cannibalism should not be so taboo.

Questions from Facebook, Part Two

A group on Facebook asks Dr. Craig about atheism, communication techniques, rationality, and more