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05 / 06

Are There Objective Truths About God (Part 2)?

Dr. Craig presents three moderns challenges to the objectivity of truths about God.


Many Worlds and Boltzmann Brains

Dr. Craig sheds more light on what "Boltzmann Brains" is all about.

An Objection to the Minimal Facts Argument

A fellow scholar questions Dr. Craig's alleged use of the 'minimal facts' approach to the Resurrection

Moral Debate With Erik Wielenberg, Part Two

Dr. Craig continues commentary on this debate with Dr. Wielenberg

Moral Debate With Erik Wielenberg, Part One

A debate for which Dr. Craig rigorously prepared on the Moral Argument.

Dialogue With a Catholic Bishop

Dr. Craig talks about his recent meeting with Bishop Robert Barron in Los Angeles

Is There Meaning To Life?

Dr. Craig talks about the recent dialogue on Life and Meaning he had with Jordan Peterson and Rebecca Goldstein.

Does God Still Speak To Us?

Dr. Craig talks about Joy Behar's comments regarding Vice President Mike Pence. What do we mean when we say 'God speaks to us'?

A Tribute to Stephen Hawking

Dr. Craig reflects on the death of Professor Hawking and his amazing contributions.

The Latest Events of Reasonable Faith

Dr. Craig reflects on recent debates and events including what's coming up.

The University Shapes Culture

Dr. Craig speaks to the faculty of North Carolina State.