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05 / 06

Questions on Evil, Inerrancy, and the Argument From Contingency

Another question on the Problem of Evil, the alleged contradictions in the Resurrection accounts, and the Argument From Contingency.


Has Christian Apologetics Failed?

Are popular speakers like Jordan Peterson more effective than apologetics at pointing to the truth of Christianity?

A Conversation With Sir Roger Penrose

Dr. Craig talks about his recent one-on-one conversations with the renowned mathematician and physicist.

A Tribute to Norman Geisler

Dr. Craig remembers his teacher, Dr Norman Geisler, with an overview of his life and work and a few funny moments!

Ben Shapiro and a Reasonable Faith Update

Dr. Craig talks about his discussions with Ben Shapiro and Sir Roger Penrose as well as what's coming up.

Joshua Harris and Purity Culture

Dr. Craig comments on the controversy surrounding popular author Joshua Harris

A Musician Struggles With His Faith

Dr. Craig's heart goes out to a popular musician who is dealing with doubt.

"When Bill Met Kevin" Part Two

Kevin's very first interview with Dr. Craig in 1998 continues with a discussion of a big debate in which Dr. Craig participated just prior to this interview.

"When Bill Met Kevin" Part One

This is the very first interview Kevin did with Dr. Craig back in 1998. They were joined by David Geisler (who recently lost his father, Dr. Norman Geisler).

Apologetics Conference Part Three

Dr. Craig joins a panel and answers questions on Free Will and Molinism.

Apologetics Panel Part 2

Dr. Craig joined a recent panel at an apologetics conference and took questions from the audience.