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05 / 06

Questions on Causality, In-House Debates, and "Word Salad"

Dr. Craig is asked about the nature of in-house debates, causality, and a listener accuses him of "word salad"!


Questions on the Afterlife, The Atonement, and Time, Part 1

Dr. Craig offers answers to thoughtful questions he's received from around the world.

Was Nietzsche Misunderstood?

Some think that Friedrich Nietzsche got a bad rap. Did he really view life as meaningless?

Sir Karl Popper: An Interesting Philosopher

Dr. Craig discusses some of the contributions of philosopher Karl Popper.

An Atheist's Response to a Muslim

Dr. Craig interacts with an exchange between an atheist and a Muslim.

When Do I Stop Seeking God?

Dr. Craig considers a heartfelt article from a man who lost his faith.

A Severe Diagnosis

Dr. Craig relates to an atheist blogger's unfortunate medical diagnosis

Science and the A-Theory of Time

Dr. Craig evaluates a critique of the A-theory of time

How Atheists Get it Wrong Part Two

Dr Craig continues his discussion on Tim Crane's recent book on how atheists tend to 'get it wrong'.

How Atheists Get it Wrong Part One

Many think the recent book by atheist philosopher Tim Crane is an important work. Including atheist Keith Parsons. Dr. Craig weighs in.

Avoiding Exaggerated Claims

A Humanist blogger says exaggerated claims about Christianity creates atheists!