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05 / 06

Scientists Discuss Reformed Epistemology

Scientists try to understand Dr. Craig's view on Reformed Epistemology.


Richard Dawkins: The Cannibal?

An article examines Dawkins' view that cannibalism should not be so taboo.

Questions from Facebook, Part Two

A group on Facebook asks Dr. Craig about atheism, communication techniques, rationality, and more

Questions from Facebook, Part One

A group on Facebook asks Dr. Craig about free will, the Atonement, the Trinity, and more!

Questions About Concrete Objects, God's Greatness, and the Virgin Birth

Dr. Craig receives questions on God's being a concrete object, maximal greatness, and the Virgin Birth

Darwinian Evolution and Morality

A discussion on Naturalism and the quest for objective morality

Is Generation Z Less Christian?

Dr. Craig comments on some data concerning Generation Z and Christianity and offers insight on reaching youth culture

What's Wrong With Contemporary Evangelicalism?

Former speech writer for President George W. Bush, Michael Gerson, wrote a rant against today's Evangelicalism. Dr. Craig is skeptical of  many of his claims!

The Dangers of Critical Theory

What is Critical Theory as it relates to today's social justice movement?

Many Worlds and Boltzmann Brains

Dr. Craig sheds more light on what "Boltzmann Brains" is all about.

An Objection to the Minimal Facts Argument

A fellow scholar questions Dr. Craig's alleged use of the 'minimal facts' approach to the Resurrection