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05 / 06

John Walton's View of Genesis, Part Two

Dr. Craig addresses critiques of his objections to John Walton's views on the early chapters of Genesis


The Argument From Intentionality

Atheist blogger 'The A-Unicornist" says this is one of the worst arguments for Theism he's ever heard! Does he understand the argument?

Mormon Transhumanism

What do many Mormons do when they conclude Mormonism is false?

Is It Wrong to Evangelize?

Many Christian millennials think it's wrong to evangelize. Dr. Craig offers evaluation.

Atheist Says to Stop Debating

A writer for American Atheists says they should refuse to debate Theists.

N.T. Wright Responds to Dr. Craig

N.T. Wright clarifies his view on the Second Coming of Christ in response to Dr. Craig.

Misunderstandings About God and the Big Bang

Dr. Craig offers corrections on an article from Dr. Danny Faulkner criticizing Dr. Craig's work on the Kalam Cosmological Argument.

Insect Extinction and Natural Evil

Dr. Craig reviews an alarming report on insect extinction and draws some theological implications.

An Atheist Answers Dr. Craig's Five Points

How well does an atheist biologist and blogger understand Dr. Craig's five points on the existence of God?

Is the New Atheism Dead?

One former "New Atheist" seems to think so!

Is God Simple or Complex?

Dr. Craig was on a recent panel discussion on Divine Simplicity. Here is an overview of the fascinating topic.