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05 / 06

Bart Goes to a Bible Conference

Bart Ehrman blogs about attending a Bible conference. Dr. Craig is intrigued by Ehrman's evaluation.


Dr. Craig Live at West University Baptist Church PART 1

Dr. Craig was recently interviewed by the church staff during Sunday morning worship at West University Baptist Church in Houston Texas.

Continuing Work on the Historical Adam and Eve

A special New Year's greeting from Dr. Craig and excerpts from an interview about Adam and Eve.

Questions on the Canaanites, Molinism, and Genesis

Dr. Craig answers questions on whether the Canaanites were give ample warning before their destruction, Molinism, the historicity of Genesis, and Islam.

Why the Kalam Cosmological Argument?

Dr. Craig answers a question on why he likes the Kalam Argument best. As well, he receives questions on an infinite regress and the Gospel of Luke.

Why Did God Create Us?

Dr. Craig answers questions sent to him, including why God would bother to create finite creatures like ourselves.

Are Faith and Reason Opposed to Each Other? (Part 2)

Dr. Craig continues commenting on an atheist blogger's writing on the biblical Adam and human evolution.

Are Faith and Reason Opposed to Each Other? (Part 1)

Dr. Craig checks out an atheist blogger writing about Tim Keller and Evolution.

Three Things You Need to Know About William Lane Craig

A theology blog offers three things about Dr. Craig. Does Dr. Craig agree with them?

Scientists Discuss Reformed Epistemology

Scientists try to understand Dr. Craig's view on Reformed Epistemology.

Dr. Craig's Secret Weapon

Dr. Craig gives some history behind the amazing support of his wife, Jan. In a rare moment, he and Kevin become very emotional at the end of the podcast.