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05 / 06

Is It Wrong to Evangelize?

Many Christian millennials think it's wrong to evangelize. Dr. Craig offers evaluation.


Reaction to the New York Times Interview, Part 1

Dr. Craig takes a look at the avalanche of published responses to his New York Times interview.

Dr Craig's Interview in the New York Times

Dr. Craig takes us behind the scenes of his interview with Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times concerning the truth of Christianity.

Are There Objective Truths About God (Part 2)?

Dr. Craig presents three moderns challenges to the objectivity of truths about God.

Are There Objective Truths About God?

Dr. Craig presents three moderns challenges to the objectivity of truths about God.

Questions About God's Aseity and the Resurrection

Dr. Craig fields questions about a complex aspect of God's nature and evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.

The Latest on String Theory

What is String Theory and is it still viable? Dr. Craig discusses how it relates to the Fine Tuning of the universe.

Questions on General Revelation, The Trinity, and the Inspiration of Scripture

In this podcast, Dr. Craig also gives insight into the whimsical characters of his children's books.

Teaching Children About Sin

Dr. Craig interacts with a blogger who claims that teaching children they are 'sinners' is damaging to them!

Don't Read That Book!

An atheist author wonders why Dr. Craig advises someone against reading atheist material.

Questions on the Afterlife, The Atonement, and Time, Part 2

Dr. Craig offers answers to thoughtful questions he's received from around the world.