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Reasonable Faith is a conversational program dealing with the most important apologetic questions of our day.

05 / 06

Dr. Craig Responds to John Walton

Dr. Craig has some disagreements with scholar John Walton on interpreting Genesis.


The Best Moral Argument

Kevin previews some upcoming podcasts and plays excerpts from Dr. Craig and Dr. David Baggett on the best Moral Argument for God.

What Really Happened on Palm Sunday?

Dr. Craig speaks to a congregation on the historical events that lead up to Easter and the profound meaning in what happened.

Questions on Solipsism, Logic, and the Name of God

Interesting questions on atheism and solipsism, God and logic, and the name of God.

Questions on the Trinity, Neanderthals, and Gravity

Listeners have questions on the nature of the Trinity, Neanderthals and genetics, and the complexities of gravity.

Questions on the Universe as a Simulation, Causation, and Soul Sleep

Is the universe a simulation? Dr. Craig answers this and questions on Causation, Soul Sleep, and some marriage advice.

Questions on Christ's Resurrected Body, Transworld Damnation, and the Word of God

Dr. Craig answers questions on where Christ's body is before his second coming, Molinism as related to Transworld Damnation, and what is meant by 'the Word of God'.

Questions on Graham Oppy, The Atonement, and Debate Technique

Listeners ask about atheist philosopher Graham Oppy, the Atonement, and why debates are important.

End-Times Paralysis

Dr. Craig examines an atheist's contention that Christians act irresponsibly due to their view of end times.

Dr. Craig Responds to Ken Ham

Dr. Craig addresses criticism leveled at him from Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis.

The Evangelical Problem of Prayer

An atheist blogger asks why Christians bother to pray when God will do what he wants anyway.