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05 / 06

A Tribute to Norman Geisler

Dr. Craig remembers his teacher, Dr Norman Geisler, with an overview of his life and work and a few funny moments!


A Youtube Response to the Resurrection, Part One

An atheist YouTuber critiques Reasonable Faith's animated video on The Resurrection with his own animation!

Questions on God's Infinity and the Moral Argument

Questions to Dr. Craig include God's relationship to finite things and how our sense perceptions relate to the Moral Argument for God

Questions on the Virgin Birth, Bart Ehrman, and Dating the Gospels

Dr. Craig fields questions from around the world including a listener in Spain.

The Doctrine of Creation from Nothing (Part Two)

Dr. Craig continues a discussion on creation out of nothing".

The Doctrine of Creation from Nothing (Part One)

An atheist blogger questions the biblical account of creation from nothing.

The Argument From Intentionality

Atheist blogger 'The A-Unicornist" says this is one of the worst arguments for Theism he's ever heard! Does he understand the argument?

Mormon Transhumanism

What do many Mormons do when they conclude Mormonism is false?

Is It Wrong to Evangelize?

Many Christian millennials think it's wrong to evangelize. Dr. Craig offers evaluation.

Atheist Says to Stop Debating

A writer for American Atheists says they should refuse to debate Theists.

N.T. Wright Responds to Dr. Craig

N.T. Wright clarifies his view on the Second Coming of Christ in response to Dr. Craig.