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05 / 06

Doubting Thomas and Divine Hiddenness

An Atheist Blogger Asks Why We Don't All Get The Same Evidence That Doubting Thomas Got.


Dialogue With Cosmic Skeptic, Part Two

The dialogue has produced many more questions from listeners. Dr. Craig answers some of them in this podcast and in the Question of the Week.

Dialogue With Cosmic Skeptic, Part One

Dr. Craig is interviewed by YouTuber "Cosmic Skeptic" on the Kalam Cosmological Argument.

The Illusion of Design

Dr. Craig takes on a skeptic who says the Fine-Tuning Argument is fallacious.

A Question About Apostasy

A non-theist blogger addresses one of Dr. Craig's Question of the Week.

CNN Says Jesus Was Not Perfect

Dr. Craig responds to a CNN statement and an atheist blogger on whether Jesus was perfect.

Recent and Upcoming Reasonable Faith Events

Dr. Craig has debated and been interviewed on multiple social media platforms. He also has two new books!

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Dr. Craig is interviewed about the Atonement of Christ on the Capturing Christianity channel.

Atheist Speaks to Veritas Forum

Dr. Craig listens to an atheist student who gives a case for atheism.

Questions on Causality, In-House Debates, and "Word Salad"

Dr. Craig is asked about the nature of in-house debates, causality, and a listener accuses him of "word salad"!

Q & A on God's Justice, the Incarnation, and Hilbert's Hotel

Several listeners who have read Dr. Craig's work have some questions.